New HPLC Kit for 1-Hydroxypyrene in Urine

Chromsystems now provides the most efficient commercial CE-IVD-certified solution for the determination of 1-Hydroxypyrene in Urine by HPLC.



Main benefits:


Complete kit
The kit provides everything you require including internal standard and mobile phase.


Fast sample prep
The sample preparation takes place in only two steps: 1-hydroxypyrene is deconjugated by an efficient and fast enzymatic hydrolysis, followed by solid phase extraction using Sample Clean Up Columns. The correct pH for the hydrolysis can be visually verified by a colour changing indicator.


Efficient and reliable hydrolysis
The hydrolysis step also takes only 2 hours, minimising the time required for the sample preparation:


No need for high-end instrumentation
Laboratories can perform the analysis in less than 7 minutes with ………………….

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